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The seriously playful people

For the past seven years, we've helped some of the world's leading brands create award-winning games and interactive content; blending clever characters, breathtaking CGI and immersive game play with spectacular results. We thought it was about time we unleashed our talents on some titles of our own!

Introducing Milky Tea Play, the digital product development division of Milky Tea Creative Studios. We specialise in the creation of digital games and interactive content for mobile, web, console and IPTV platforms.

Fusing our globally renowned character development skills, with ingenious game play and world creation, Milky Tea Play aims to produce playful and memorable experiences and story telling.

With 75% of the Milky Tea team having worked on some the world's most renowned and iconic titles at Sony Computer Entertainment and Activsion, gaming is well and truly in our blood. Currently crafting our inaugural title, it won't be long before we unleash the magic.

Stay tuned folks.

Roller Rally (Snake Pass)

Be the legend of Snake Pass! Also known as 'devil's edge', the trail remains one of the most feared and deadly in the world. Each year the world's best roller skaters meet to defy death, attempt the trail and win the coveted trophies.

Split into 15 checkpoints, the trail starts at the top of the snow and ice peaked mountains and descends rapidly to the sea, testing the wits of even the bravest of skaters. Go as fast as you can, jump canyons, use your skills to gain an advantage and beat your opponents to the checkpoint. Easy? Select your character and see if you make it to the end.